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Gold Pricing

Our Direct Sourcing = Your Savings

Smart investors track the live spot price of gold with London Gold Xchange. Our chart offers accurate pricing with on-going updates to accommodate real-time price changes.

No matter when you choose to invest, know you’re getting the best price available at that given time with LGX. We’ve built direct relationships with our gold refiners to not only ensure responsible sourcing, but also to allow us to pass our cost savings on to our investors. Our 1KG gold bars boast 99.9% purity and are sourced straight from our partner mines.

Prefer to invest in gold bullion coins? Gold Sovereigns are available as well and, as British legal tender, are Capital Gains Tax free.

Gold Price


Silver Price


Silver Pricing

Diversify Your Investments

Like gold, silver is often seen as a safe-harbor investment as it is a hard asset and is used to hedge against inflation. New investors may choose silver over gold due to its historically lower price. However, because of this and since silver is both an investment and industrial metal, it is approximately 1.5 times more volatile than gold. Thus, silver investors should expect more dramatic fluctuations in the short-term but still enjoy growth in the long run.

LGX offers contemporary silver Britannia coins in a range of years and designs. While years may vary, the value is consistent.